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Oxygen Therapy – A Breath of Fresh Air

Posted on June 13th, 2017

Your Carolina Complete dentists, Dr. Barganier, Dr. Zuffi, Dr. Williams, and Dr. McAdams at Carolina Complete Dental know that no two patients are alike. Everyone deserves a personalized approach to oral health – but what is something no patient (or even human) can live without? Air—or more specifically, oxygen.

The Power of Ozone in Dentistry

Oxygen is essential for your cellular health and does good for your body overall. For that reason, it can be harnessed to improve your dental experience. Some dental offices use oxygen therapy to create a calm environment during preventative visits, and also to treat acute dental issues.

Oxygen therapy delivers 100% pure, medical-grade oxygen. When three atoms of oxygen bind together, they form ozone, the same matter that protects and nourishes our environment. Oxygen can be applied as ozone gas, ozonated water, or ozonated olive oil.

This completely painless treatment works with your body’s natural functions to achieve a multitude of benefits. Though research is still building, increased exposure to pure oxygen has been found to:

  • Speed healing time for wounds
  • Increase blood flow in soft tissue and bones
  • Stave off infection
  • Preserve healthy tissue
  • Reduce the effects of toxins

Oxygen Therapy for Stress Relief at the Dentist

Have you ever experienced the calming side effects of a slow, deep breath? Imagine incorporating such a relaxing experience to your next dental check-up. Some dentists and other healthcare providers use oxygen therapy to make a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Whether you get a bit anxious at the dentist, or you’d just like to make your visit as comfortable and beneficial as possible, consider asking about oxygen therapy. Many patients feel more energized and clear-headed after increased exposure to oxygen. We can’t all afford a trip to the spa, but oxygen therapy might make even your routine visit to the dentist feel luxurious!

Oxygen Therapy for Acute Dental Healing

If you have an injury or infection in your mouth, or if you are recovering from a major dental procedure, oxygen therapy could greatly improve your healing.

Oxygen is essential for cellular metabolism and renewal. Your body makes new cells all the time, but this is especially important if you have a wound or infection. Body tissues heal fastest when they are exposed to fresh air and a lot of oxygen. This goes for both soft tissues and bones. Oxygen therapy can empower your body’s natural healing process.

Oxygen therapy gives your cells the fuel they need to heal and can also create a more pure environment for prolonged healing. The effects of oxygen therapy are long-lasting because oxygen gets right to the source of the problem, and because water and oxygen are already natural components in your body.

It’s very important that oxygen be used in addition to conventional procedures and treatments because it’s not proven to treat any health problems on its own. If you have gum disease, have just had oral surgery, or have any other dental health problems, consider adding oxygen therapy to reduce healing time and boost immunity. Be sure to talk with your Goose Creek dentist about recommended treatment for any dental needs you have and how oxygen therapy might benefit your outcomes.

To learn more about the many benefits of oxygen therapy in dentistry or to find an oxygen therapy provider near you, call Dr. Barganier, Dr. Zuffi, Dr. Williams, and Dr. McAdams at Carolina Complete Dental in Goose Creek today.

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